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Name: Matt U.
Status: Student
Age: 13
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: N/A 

What disinegrates food faster stomach acid or regular coke? (This is basically my science project!)

I do not think there is a hard and fast rule. Stomach acid, HCL, in vivo, has a pH of 2 to about 4.5 depending upon many biochemical factors, but also present in the stomach are various enzymes that are assisting in digesting the food concurrently.

Similarly, when "coke" is swallowed its pH in vivo may be quite different from what you pour out of the bottle. And it too is in the presence of various digestive enzymes.

So comparing HCl and "coke" in vitro may have little correlation with their activity in the stomach.

Vince Calder

Stomach acid (HCl)and associated enzymes are primarily for the digestion of proteins. Coke acid (H2CO3) is chmeically different and adds little to digestion for the enzymes of the stomach associate with HCl.

Steve Sample

There is more to "stomach acid" than acid. It also contains digestive enzymes. The food has already started digesting in the mouth also through the action of amylase in your saliva. But if you're strictly looking at the effects of pH, I believe that stomach acid is more acidic than Coke.

van hoeck

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