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Name: Jose M. G.
Status: Student
Age: 18
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: January 2004

Do all cells in the body have the same growth rate and can you give me an example?

No they don't. For example-the cells on the inside of your mouth are constantly being rubbed away when you eat or chew or even talk. So the cell cycle for these cells is quite fast. Also, the cells in your stomach actually are eaten away by the acid there. Those cells need to be replaced constantly. On the other hand, the bone cells in your collar bone or in your skull are not worn away often if at all and the cell cycle for those is very long. Some cells are never replaced once they are made, such as nerve tissue. That is why if your spinal cord is severed you are paralyzed forever.


It depends on what you mean by growth rate. The body typically grows by cell multiplication and not so much by any one set of cells increasing in their individual sizes (with some exception...adipocytes) If you mean length of cell cycle G1--> M then certainly not. Many bone marrow precursors to circulating blood cells like erythrocytes and granulocytes move through cell cycle fairly rapidly in 18-24 hours. Many nerve cells are in extended G1 called G0 and are not dividing at all.


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