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Name: Susan K.
Status: Other
Grade:  Other
Location: N/A
Country: United States
Date: March 2005

Can the pH of a woman's body at conception affect the sex of the fetus? If so, how? Which pH is more likely to produce a male?

Dear Susan,

I believe you're referring to 1 aspect of a widely reknown gender selection theory, attributed to a 1984 book on "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby," by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles. The main considerations of the so-called "Shettles Sex Selection Method" are summarized here:

The male sperm supposedly prefer a more alkaline pH. Although some of these recommendations (e.g. scrotal temperature, abstinence, timing) have gained support as methods to increase overall fertility in the years since they were proposed, it's not clear that there's much actual scientific data supporting their effectiveness for gender selection, as also implied by the following discussions:

I apologize for the delay in responding & hope that this info. is still helpful,

Jeff Buzby, Ph.D.
CHOC Research Institute

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