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Name: Andee
Status: Student
Grade:  9-12
Location: CA
Country: United States
Date: June 2006

I need to know the equation for nucleic acids synthesis... also if you could tell me something interesting about nucleic acids and carbohydrates that most people don't know, that would be very helpful. my chemistry teacher wants a presentation on biological molecules because she thinks "it will be very interesting" (even though she hasn't taught us about it) and i'm having trouble finding what i'm looking for.

Here are a couple of facts that most people are not aware of. DNA contains palindromic sequences, i.e. sequences of base pairs that read the same in either direction. Google palindromic DNA. Also, about 90% of the DNA in human cells does not code for anything. Google junk DNA.

Sugar is low in calories. Pound for pound, sugar has only half as many calories as fat.

Ron Baker, Ph.D

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