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Name: Michelle
Status: Other
Grade:  Other
Location: CA
Country: United States
Date: January 2008

What is "induce host cellular responses"?

Induced Cell response:

Basic concept is that cells receive and external stimulus . This can be by way of chemical, biological, and or physical forces ie. temp and other forms of radiation..

The cell will respond in response and may or may not actually pass on information during cell division as to how or how not to respond to the outside stimulus, or we may see that particular cell under go cell death.

Prof. H. Przekop, Bio-Med. Physicist

I'm not sure exactly about the context you're talking about, but it sounds like a genetic modification question. When a natural thing like a virus, or a synthetic think like a gene delivery device, is used to modify a cell, the goal is to get the cell to change in some way, such as to incorporate some new DNA into it. The cell you are changing, e.g. the cell that takes up the virus, is called the host cell. The virus is trying to get the cell to make new viruses. This is called a host cell response. To induce a host cell response is to somehow trick/coerce/convince the cell to do what you want. Thus, you are trying to induce host cell response(s).

I hope this is the context you're talking about – if not, reply back and I can try to help again.


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