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Name: Nasheerah
Status: student
Grade: 4-5
Location: Outside U.S.
Country: Brunei
Date: Winter 2011-2012

Now my teacher gave me a very difficult homework! The homework says : name the bacteria inside yogurt. Course as you know we need a micro-scope right?


Who needs a microscope when you have You-Tube: br>
Please notice this top comment at this site:

Top Comments

Lol the bacteria in yogurt are called Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptoccus thermophilus, these are needed for the fermentation of milk. They are completely harmless and are actually´╗┐ beneficial. :)

More can be found at and search for "Yogurt Bacteria"

Sincere regards, Mike Stewart

No need for a microscope in this case! Your teacher may want some species names, so try looking up information on the genus Lactobacillus.

Dr. Tim Durham Undergraduate Studies & University Colloquium Department of Biological Sciences Florida Gulf Coast University

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