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Name: Kishori
Status: student
Grade: n/a
Location: Outside U.S.
Country: India
Date: Summer 2013

When gene transplantation has come into service why can't we do gene transplantation for every disease instead for finding new drugs? wont it be a better idea.?Are there any genes that regulate the pace maker of heart?

Hi Kishori,

Thanks for the question. Gene transplantation will not cure every disease since genes are not directly responsible for all diseases. For instance, fungal infections in the toenail are not related to genetics--at least not in a direct manner. I am unaware of which genes are responsible for the pacemaker of the heart. In order to answer that question, one would need to search the PubMed database and search the original scientific literature.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks Jeff

#1 Gene transplantation would not be an effective treatment for every disease because not all diseases are caused by gene malfunction, such as insect vector diseases, and infections.

#2 There probably are genes which regulate the heart pacemakers (SA and AV nodes). See attached link regarding gene insertion experiment in which gene insertion into a ordinary guinea pig cardiac muscle cells caused them to transform into pacemaker cells.

John Cowsar

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