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Name:  Benny
Status:  other
Age:  20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

I've heard many mentions that TIME did not exist before the BIG BANG, that it only existed since th BIG BANG. Is this a consensus amongst the scientific community? Or is it only a theory? If it is a scientific theory, how is it falsifiable?

I've searched the archive for the strings: "time" and "big bang"; "time" and "existence". And as I mentioned in my question, the subject is addressed by some of the answers. However my question was not the subject matter itself, but rather whether the claim is a concensus amongst the scientific community in general, and of its falsifiability. When I say "is it only a theory?", what I mean is that whether it still has competing/disagreeing theories of equal merit. In my search of the archive I've not found that these questions have been addressed. If it has been addressed before, could you point me as in which question in the archive it can be found, as I'm really interested to seeing the question being addressed.

As to other sources such as search engines, and encyclopediae, I would doubt it very much any of them would go into such depth as to the consensus of the scientific community and the falsifiability of a theory.

Here's a shot at a tough question. Current cosmology does not address what happened prior to the Big Bang, and in fact your question may be meaningless. Let me illustrate with the question:

Considering the theory of real numbers:

What does the square root of (-1) mean?
What does 1/0 mean?

The only answer is that within the constraints of the theory of real numbers the questions have no meaning. It is not that they are stupid; but the mathematical scaffolding we call real number theory just does not address the question.

Is the Big Bang theory falsifiable? You bet your last dollar it is! EVERY SCIENTIFIC THEORY MUST BE FALSIFIABLE, OR IT IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC THEORY. Every scientific theory must be able to be modified or even discarded in light of experimental data. EXPERIMENTAL DATA is the sole judge of the validity of any theory. Any set of principles that does not allow falsifiability becomes an act of FAITH, not SCIENCE. This is the conundrum that adversaries of Darwin's Theory of Evolution get trapped, because the tenets of creationism are not falsifiable. The Bible is the absolute source of all truth -- END OF DISCUSSION. But the evolutionists show with pride how Darwin's theory has been modified in the light of generations of new increasingly sophisticated experimental findings and still remains basically sound.

But don't say "just a theory". A scientific theory is the pinnacle of scientific knowledge because from a few principles a good theory, like the theory of relativity, not only explains a vast amount experimental data already measured, but it also correctly predicts the results of experiments that have not even been measured yet! Now that is a powerful theory!

Vince Calder

The point of concern relates to a definition of time. Before the Big Bang, before the universe existed, could time be measured? Time is measured by things changing. If there is nothing to change, then there is no way to define the passage of time. This is the sense in which time does not exist before the Big Bang. This is a consensus.

Kenneth Mellendorf

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