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Name: Martin
Status: student
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Country: Great Britain
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If two charged particles move such that one of them is moving along the joining line and the other move perpendicular direction of the joining line, then the charge which is moving perpendicular to the joining line does not experience magnetic force at that moment, whereas the other charged particle experiences magnetic force. Is the Newton's third law violated for that moment? And then what about conservation of angular momentum?

Let us call your two particles A and B. Particle A exercises no magnetic influence on the motion of B, as you stated. Particle B, however, imparts its magnetic influence on particle A.

It would not be accurate to state that particle A exhibits NO influence on B. Rather, the very same magnetic field Particle B generates and influences particle A with would have a damping effect on B.

A more practical application of this principle can be found in an electric transformer. Power is applied only to the one side of a transformer, and coupled to the other side. The other side does not apply any power to the first, but its current draw from the induced power will still affect the primary side.

Ryan Belscamper

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