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Name: Atiyah
Status: student
Age: N/A
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Date: N/A

In your own words (the person who is answering my question, please be a real scientist). Can taller people (people5'9-6'9) run faster tan people shorter (4'8-5'8) than people shorter than them?

To be strictly logical and literal, your question is asking if there exists a set of people 4'8" to 5'8" tall who can run faster than a set of people 5'9" to 6'9" tall. Certainly sets of people can be selected.

Although it is not strictly what you asked, you might also ask if, on average, taller people are faster than shorter people, all other factors being equal. This question has been addressed before: For the reasons and complications discussed in the link above, I am aware of no statistically rigorous data comparing height and running speed.

Also, I can certify that these are my own words. And, so far as I know what a scientist is, I am one.


Burr Zimmerman

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