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Name: Hannah
Status: student
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What are the physics of a trumpet?

Here are some sources of information that you may wish to check: Rossing, Moore, and Wheeler. The Science of Sound (3rd or later edition). Addison Wesley. Chapter 11

J. Backus (1977) The Acoustical Foundations of Music. Norton. Chapter 12.

Arthur Benade (1973) "The Physics of Brasses," Scientific American 229(1):24

Campbell and Greated (1987). The Musician's Guide to Acoustics. Schirmer Books. Chapter 9.

Fletcher and Rossing (1998). The Physics of Musical Instruments. Springer Verlag. Chapters 13, 14

A good conceptual physics source that is easy to read and will help you is: Paul Hewitt "Conceptual Physics" Addison-Wesley

---Nathan A. Unterman

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