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Name: Michael
Status: student
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We make acrylic baths and like most of the UK, they are in white. Our end users sometimes say the bath is not the white they ordered but this is because the acrylic seems to absorb the reflected light from surrounding materials and does appear to change colour. We know this is not the case but the consumers insist the bath is taken surprise in daylight the bath is OK. Is there a name for this phenomena?

I do not know if there is a name for it, but this is the same affliction that causes drivers to notice their head lamps dimming when the car is at idle only after having had the main battery replaced. The old fixture was “off colour” in the same way, but they never really looked at it before.

The main problem is the gloss finish on the bath. A less shiny surface (we call it semi-gloss or matte over here) would absorb some of the incident light from the surrounding furniture and the effect would be less noticeable but the gloss acts as a mirror but not a perfect one. I cannot offer any advice except to explain things beforehand, to make sure the householder is there for the installment and to not fix things permanently until they are satisfied.

Sorry I can be of no more help that that.

R. W. "Bob" Avakian
Oklahoma State Univ. Inst. of Technology

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