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Name: Pino
Status: student
Grade: n/a
Location: Argentina
Date: Fall 2011

I have read a replay on this site right now and I would like a new opinion about the same topic up to date, after the news on neutrino speed that broke these days:

One must be careful about the news reported at CERN on 22.September.2011. The group of scientists made careful measurements, and had nearly 16000 trials that would indicate the neutrinos were traveling slightly faster than light. They are asking for verification with another team. They placed their findings into the scientific community for scrutiny, because their results do not match the standard model. They may have systematic errors or other experimental errors. Similar measurements made at MINOS did not show this result in the past. The measurements made on supernovae also do not match the OPERA experiment. At this point, there is no verification of the result, and any flaws in the experiment are not known.

---Nathan A. Unterman

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