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If, as Einstein postulated, gravity is not really a force, but is in fact adescription of how objects behave in curved space-time, then why do physic (sorry, I mean physicists) work to unify it with the other three forces? andrew m childs

Well, perhaps what physicists should be doing is modifying the equations for the other three forces to fit them into Einstein's model of spacetime? That is also a hard problem, though I think progress has been made. The problem is that the way Einstein's equations were set up, it makes space-time itself look like something that ought to be quantum mechanically described, just like electric fields etc are really described by quantum mechanics. This leap of logic could be wrong - it could be that Einstein was right all the way down to very small length-scales and very high energies - but since we have no way of experimentally testing that right now, the other approach looks more logically consistent, a criterion Einstein himself would have approved of. But it could be wrong - and we really do not have much prospect of experimental tests for several centuries at least.

Arthur Smith

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