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I understand that a lLorenz Transformation solves the enigma presented to scientists after the Michelsonn-Morelrley Experiment; however, why must this be the solution? Why at the foundation of knowledge was Einstein prompted to use these transformers with the assurance of correctness?

Physicists like to write the laws of physics in a way that does not change if you go from one reference frame to another, moving uniformly with respect to the first one. It turns out that the laws governing electricity and magnetism are invariant under Lorentz transformations. These laws has been verified in the last century. This is what prompted Einstein to use Lorentz transformation. If you are wondering why nobody else thought of it, then the reason is that these transformations do not leave Newton's laws invariant. People had more faith in Newton's laws than in Electricity and Magnetism.

jasjeet s bagla

Of course, Lorentz transformations were invented by Lorentz, not by Einstein. And Einstein apparently did not know about the M-M experiment when he proposed his theory of special relativity in 1905.

The problem that he faced was that the laws of electricity and magnetism do not seem to behave in the same ways as Newton's laws of mechanics.

I do not know if you know what the words "invariant" and "transformation" mean, but further discussion would require you to understand the concepts that are related to these words.

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