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How come cars only work on gas? (I heard that one guy made a car and it works on vegetable oil)

Well, cars work on gas mostly because there are all those gas stations everywhere! It is kind of hard to fill up on vegetable oil (which is also considerably more expensive than $1 a gallon) when you need it. Basically, gas is cheap, and it works. There are some cars around that run on other stuff though - a lot of delivery vehicles use compressed natural gas, which is the same kind of stuff your gas stove runs on (ie, it really is a gas, not a liquid). You can make a car run on just about any kind of energy source that can be carried around - electric cars have trouble because the batteries needed tend to be so heavy, but there are some electric cars around. And there are a few cars that run on solar energy that have been tested, but you cannot buy them from any manufacturers yet.

Arthur Smith

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