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How do microwaves heat/cook food? Can microwaves give you cancer?

Microwaves heat food because water absorbs them very well, and food is usually mostly made of water. The frequency of the microwaves is designed to excite a vibration of water molecules, and when something is hot that just means its molecules are vibrating faster.
I do not think anybody has shown that microwaves will give you cancer, but they will cook you just like they cook food. Under very low power you may start to feel a little extra warmth in your body. You do not want to say in that for too long!

Arthur Smith

In addition to cooking you the microwaves can cause damage to the cornea that may eventually lead to cataracts. Never modify your microwave oven in any way! If the door ever gets damaged have it checked for microwave leaks before using it again.

gregory r bradburn

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