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Name: wayne
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What would be the proper ways to analyze the effects of cryogenic freezing of nonferrous metals (brass, copper, and silver) to check for the release of residual, tensile, and compressive stresses it the structure of the met itself. Is there any studies available on this, please point me in the right direction. Thank you any help would be wonderful

Wayne, I am very sorry for misleading you into thinking that this might be a good bbs to get some ideas for your work. Take heart, though. I am getting closer to getting my research going this summer on the influence of standing waves in the metal of a horn on the partials present, the timbre a and the "quickness of response", to use the brass players terms. I have m managed to get my hands on a couple of fft (essentially audio spectrum analyzer) programs that will give rough overtone patterns on af tones. I want to get together with you this summer and do some experiments with horns before and after cryogenic treatment to get an initial comparative analysis on the effects of the condition of the metals and structural s characteristics of a trumpet on its sound. I will give you a call. By the way, I had to find the fft programs by scrounging around elsewhere. Nobody responded to any of my queries either. I guess this stuff is too specialized. Hey, why do not we publish our results? Give me a buzz. You know the number. npd

Nick P. Drozdoff

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