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I would like to have directions or information on how to find or where to find information of a general or in an introductory level about optic fiber and how it is used. We have tried various sources on Internet with little or no success. The reason for this request is to assist students assigned this as a resource project. Thank you. Please address all responses to

I am aware of a publication by Hewlet Packard (a book) that describes how an optical fiber works and talks about some of the practical problems associated with cleaving and coupling fiber systems. The application the book focuses on is telecommunications. However, fibers now are used in many other applications related to sending and receiving light that contains information for measurement systems. Beyond this book by Hewlet Packard and other sources that you could find in the library, I am unaware of other sources of information.

Dr. Dave

You could try "Physics Today" from the past few years, and also "Scientific American" - I am pretty sure one or the other has discussed the science behind optical fibers within the last 2-3 years. They should lead you to other references too.

Arthur Smith

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