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If there was ever a rift in the time-space continuum, will one of the effects be that we could go into a parallel universe?

There are theories coming out of the woodwork on questions like this. If you really want to know more, try reading books like "A Brief History of Time" by Hawking or "Fear of Physics" by Krauss. You are asking for a definite answer to something for which no hard evidence has ever been seen. Only recently has evidence of a black hole been seen via the Hubble telescope, and I have not seen any press on this recently. This would cause me to question whether or not they have actually got a hold of one yet. As to parallel universes, things like this can be "rationalized" via the complex mathematics of relativity and quantum mechanics, but only rationalize. Again, no practical evidence has been discovered. Now, while this does not mean that some break through is not possible, as an ex-engineer turned scientist/teacher, I would make sure to advise you to beware of the temptation to mix sci-fiction with sci-fact. By the way, are you sure that you know what the concept of space time continuum means? Some suggested reading here would be "Conversations on the Dark Secrets of Physics" by Dr. Edward Teller, the inventor of the hydrogen bomb (with the help of some significant others). It is published by Plenum Press. You could find any of these books at a Borders or equivalent.

Nick P. Drozdoff

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