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Hallo,im writing a program in the FORTRAN language about rollercoasters and how fast a rollercoaster is going when it goes down a user entered hill.Also, providing the output of the cars velocity and the number of g's on the rider.This program im going to send to a competion in jan. if you could plz help me out by sending me a detailed look into the physics of a rollercoaster.Like the formulas that would be used with a rollercoaster and could u give me a description of the varibles and whats it doing in the equation.If u could think of any way i could make my program better,could u plz send it to me any ideas is appreciated.

This is a rather involved problem... May I suggest that you check out this website and the links in it. That should put you in the right direction.

Good luck.

Dr. Ali Khounsary

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