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Name: Charlene D.
Status: Other
Age: 60s
Location: N/A
Country: USA
Date: 2002

My 11-year old female (spayed) golden retriever has recently and completely lost her hearing. She has adjusted to that, but also is now panting heavily. Could this be a nervous reaction on her part due to the fact that she can no longer hear? When she pants, it is not because of heat or strenuous activity. She's usually laying on the cool tile floor in an air conditioned house. Could this be a signal that something else is failing in her system, such as kidneys? Thank you for any insight you can give me.....the local vets have been no help.

It is hard to believe that the local vets have been no help. It could be anything from Congestive Heart Failure to a primary lung problem. Did they take Xrays? Did they do an EKG? Blood tests?

I can only suggest that you find a vet who is willing to dig deep enough to find the answer. Nobody can make a diagnosis without seeing the dog.


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