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Name: Sarah
Status: Student
Age: 12
Location: N/A
Country: USA
Date: 2002

What is the life span of a house cat?

What is the life span of a street cat?

Usually between three and five years... but it depends on many things. City cat or rural cat? Traffic, exposure to other cats, the incidence of FeLV/FIV in the stray cat population of the area the cat is in, the weather etc.

Some street cats can live 10+ years. Most don't.

Phillip Raclyn, DVM CVA

Domestic cats can live from 9 to 13 years or even 15 years depending upon the breed, the care it receives, etc. I have personally owned a 13 year old feline who I had to have "put to sleep" because it was suffering from a number of conditions, all related to its age.

A street cat life expectancy is much shorter, although I do not know of any statistics. They just do not eat so well, receive preventative medical care, and face a number of hazards from cars, weather, and other animals.

Vince Calder

House cats can live a long time. I have had two Siamese females who lived 15 and 17 years, two short hair domestic cats that lived 17 and 19 years. The Guiness record is 34 years for a short haired house cat. However, I do not have first year knowledge of this case.

It is a tribute to the veterinarian profession as to how animals can live much longer in good health. Dr. Raclyn is a good example for he volunteers to help pet owners care for their charges in this forum.

Steve Sample

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