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Name: Amy O.
Status: Other
Age: 30s
Location: N/A
Country: USA
Date: 2002

Hi, I live in New York City and I have recently brought home a bullfrog as a house mate. (She was going to be soup)... I got her a heat lamp and a filter, 10 gallon tank, and a lovely aquatic 'log'. Since I have had her home (almost 3 days) she has not eaten a thing. I got meal worms, and even took the heads off 2 of them... Nothing - no interest. I got her crickets. Again Not Interested. I put some fake leaves around the out side of her tank to give the effect of having some privacy. I realize that bull frogs do not do much but her not eating is worrying me. I have left her alone so as not to upset her any further.

I do not really know about frogs, but I remember having one in class when I was in 5th grade, and remember that the frog also wouldn't eat. I think we figured out that he would only eat live things that were moving pretty quickly. So we took some pieces of meat and tied strings around them, and suspended them from the top of the tank or cage, and swung them back and forth.

He ate that. I think I remember that their eyes can only see things that are moving laterally and pretty fast, like a fly. So try that....

Phillip Raclyn DVM

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