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Name: Lily
Status: Student
Age: 12
Date: 8/6/2004

Since cat eyes are different than most other animals, do cats blink in the same way humans to clean the eyes and in reflex?

Hi Lily!

Do you have cats? or ever had a kitty? if so i bet you know the answer, because it is something really unique and very significant with these wonderful pets.

Yes cat eyes have some differences with other animals (including man). But the "blinking" is something special and has a special meaning, although it is used also as a reflex and for humidify the eyes. It is an act of communication. A cat doesnt blinks to everybody. When a cat blinks to a human, it is looking for communication, friendship and love. Means "i love you!" "I trust you!"

I saw that even in a feral that later on looked for the house by herself and became a house pet. Try to answer the blinking, closing your eyes very slowly and looking back directly to the cat eyes.

You will be surprised!


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