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Name: Amy
Status: Educator
Grade: 9-12
Date: 1/5/2005 

I was searching about information on cedar and dogs and I came across this site and a previous question. The answer stated that cedar beds should be fine, but my lab came down with serious paralysis of the stomach and intestines required surgery. He is now on Reglan. The only thing different that we could think of was the addition of a cedar bed about 2 weeks prior to his illness. Also, he did not "like" sitting on it and outright refused once he got back from the vet's. Is this all a coincidence? We got rid of it anyway - but if this a problem I want to know about it.

I've never heard anything about ceder being toxic in anyway for dogs... What about the bed itself?

what was it made of?

Chemicals to prevent fire? etc? Or maybe coincidence?

Phillip Raclyn, DVM

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