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Name: Adam
Status: Other
Grade: Other
Location: VA
Date: N/A 

I was wondering about the affection of a cat. Mine is an inside only cat, he's a male, and he's 9 months old. Lately he's very affectionate and when he sleeps with me he seems to like to be touching me. Normally he lays against my legs. In 2 days he is getting neutered and I want to know will he change his behavior and what can I do to keep his affection strong always.

Hi Adam!

I am not a vet but i am a rescuer and cat-lover so I will answer out of my experience. Cats are very loving and lovable critters, being neutered or not. They recognize and love their human that raised them. Usually when they are neutered they become even more loving animals. You must only keep your behavior toward it cuddling and petting.

Your cat will show always its affection actually much more because it will not have any more outside attraction for other cat after being neutered.

Thanks for asking NEWTON!

(Dr. Mabel Rodrigues)
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