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Name: Emily S.
Status: N/A
Age: 15
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 11/21/2004

Does weather effect the movement of the tide?


The weather does have some effect on the tides.

When winds blow more strongly toward the shore or water is pushed toward the shore by a storm over the ocean, the tide water level will be higher than if there was no wind.

When winds blow more strongly away from the shore or water is pushed away from the shore by a storm over the land, the tide water level will be lower than if there was no wind.

Weather has little effect on the timing of the tides.

David R. Cook
Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Section
Environmental Research Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Dear Emily-

Yes, the weather does affect the tides, with the wind being the major influence. Strong onshore winds can enhance the tidal level, and strong offshore winds can diminish it. The effect is not the same along all the coastline though. And hurricane-force winds can cause tidal differences of more than 10 feet under the right conditions.

Wendell Bechtold, meteorologist
Forecaster, National Weather Service
Weather Forecast Office, St. Louis, MO

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