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How can a tornado be a friend and an enemy to the environment and people?


Since a tornado is not a person, I wouldn't think of it as either a friend or enemy. It's a natural phenomenon which we have to watch out for.

Tornados can have devastating effects on property, people, and the environment, and meteorologists do their best to provide warnings about them and instructions on how to keep yourself safe in case a tornado is in your area.

Some natural disasters, although destructive in some ways, can do good things. For instance, floods can redistribute soil to make land downstream more fertile. However, I can't say that tornados are good for the environment, people, animals, or plants in any way. So we would normally think of tornados as an enemy, not a friend.

I can think of only two benefits of tornados; they give people a chance to see the power that nature can exhibit and they provide an exciting challenge for people who chase them and study them.

David R. Cook
Climate Research Section
Environmental Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory

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