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I am a retired teacher. How do I track weather systems coming from across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom? Can I do it on my computer? What program do I need or how do I build a weather station to do the job I want? Please bear in mind I am a pensioner and only want a hobby, preferably on computer.


You can use the Internet to track weather systems crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Go to and once there, go to the Maps Selector on the left, then Browse Maps by, World Regions. When the next page comes up, select Hemispheric under World Regions. At the next page, at the Maps area on the right, go to the pull down box at the bottom of that frame and pull down Western Hemispheric Global Satellite. Now click, Click to Enlarge. Now enlarged, click on Show map in motion. You can then see the fronts, etc. moving from the North America to Europe. The UK is in the upper right of the globe.

You can also go to, click on Weather on the left of the toolbar at the top and pull down to World. At the next screen, under Forecast, click on Surface pressure charts to see the fronts, etc. that are in the North Atlantic, or click on Satellite imagery under Latest to see the satellite picture for the eastern North Atlantic and Europe.

David R. Cook
Climate Research Section
Environmental Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory

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