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Name:  Rita
Status:  other
Age:  40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

When I lived in Iowa, june bugs were large, black, flying in the night towards light. I now live in Nevada. This year at my front deck in the light I am finding bugs that have all the indications of june bugs except these are greenish with yellow stripes. Is this also a june bug or maybe a different species? I have also noticed there are hornets building a nest above the front door onto the deck. I read in an article that black wasps feed on june bugs. Could this be why I am also having a problem with hornets?

There are over 100 North American species of beetles, in the subfamily Melolonthinae, that may be called June bugs or May beetles, with similar shape and habits but sometimes different colors. I couldn't say whether the ones you are now seeing are in this group or not, you often have to look at some pretty technical characteristics to sort them out. As for the hornets, if they are preying on the beetles or other insects then there could be a connection (everything is connected to everything else!), but I doubt that it is direct. Hornets like to nest in the situation you describe and can usually find food of one sort or another around homes.

J. Elliott

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