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Name: Unknown
Status: student
Age: 60s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001


As far as textbooks are concerned, the prostate seems to be a taboo subject.

What does it do?

(Apart from producing dihydrotestosterone)

Do women have one?

Does dihydrotestosterone have any function in women apart from being associated with problems such as premature baldness, polycystic overies and breast cancer?

Here are the main functions of the prostate gland tha I can recall:

First off its a part of the male reproductive system which surrond the ejaculatory duct and is located just beneath the bladder. The prostate secretes a liquid that contains a number of enzymes , citric acid and calcium. This fluid is added to the semen during ejaculation and since it is alkaline it is believed to protect the sperm in the hostile acidic environment of the vagina (that being the female anatomy (8 ) thus aiding sperm motility and survival. The prostate contains a system of complex valves which during ejaculation direct semen into the urthra while a round muscle of the prostae called a sphincter contracts and seals off the bladder during ejaculation and prevents urine from entering the urethra during the process. The prostate often becomes a problem in older men if it enlarges because it can constrict the urethra and prevent urination.

Peter Faletra

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