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Name: Jenny
Status: N/A
Age: 10
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

What is the most poisonous snake in Brazil?

Hi Jenny!

so you are interested in snakes!

Brazil has many poisoneous snakes but the worst one is the Jararaca. Its scientific name is Bothrops jararaca, a coletive name for more than 20 species, all deadly poiseneous. The jararacas live mostly on birds and rodents, that they bite before eating them. Their size is about 1 yard and they can be found at countryside, woods, and mostly hidden at cultivated land.

They are oviviparous, that means the little jararacas (12-18), grow inside their mother body within eggs, but these eggs hatch before they are born, so the little ones are born alive!

The other one is the Cascavel, scientific name Crotalus. They live at dry places, usually near sand..

and the third one is the Surucucu, scientific name Lachesis. These ones are the bigger, and can measure almost 3 yards. Surucucu is found at forests as rain forests in Amazon, and also at tropical forests. The Surucucu has something very peculiar: its scales near the tail instead of laying down over the body blistle up!

All these serpents are very dangerous, and one must be very careful when in places where they use to stay, but luckily there are special antidotes to be taken if someone is bitten.

OK? and do you know i am from Brazil?

And many thanks for asking NEWTON!

(Dr. Mabel Rodrigues)

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