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Name: Christopher
Status: other
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

Do hamsters hybernate? If so, when brought out of the cold how long to regain activeness?

I do not believe that hamsters hibernate, since they are native to very warm desert areas, but you might check on that. I don't think they should be left out in a a very cold place.

J. Elliott

Don't forget, hamsters are nocturnal, and don't do much during the day.

A few years ago, we found a stray hamster in our backyard on a cold November day. It cheered right up when we brought it into our house, warmed and fed it. So if your hamster really is inactive at night as well as during the day, it's probably sick.

Richard E. Barrans Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Director
PG Research Foundation, Darien, Illinois

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