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Name: Elizabeth B.
Status: other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 2000-2001

I live in a rural, wooded area between a brook and an area of green acres. There's a herd of about 18 deer that live in the green acres but come through our yard to drink at the brook and eat all my flowers. Last spring, a partial albino was born (She looks like a dalmatian). A neighbor told me the herd shuns her because of her coloring, that this is a natural thing among animals. She is always the last in the group (I think she also has some physical problem because she hobbles) and I often see her alone. Is this true? Whenever i've suprised them getting my newspaper in the morning, it seems to me that one or two wait up for her. Also, I think she's deaf. Is that common with albinos?

Usually there are no particular behavioral traits associated with albinos, or as far as I know any other physical traits, like deafness or being lame, but if there was some other defect that caused the unusual color it might be associated with other problems. Albinism is simply a quirk that causes loss of pigmentation. I don't think other animals of the same species would shun an albino; however they are often more vulnerable to predators because they stand out.

J. Elliott

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