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Name: Ian E.
Status: student
Age: 20s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 4/10/2003

I have a banana king snake, sex unknown, age at about 1 1/4 years. On occasion (once every few weeks or so) it has a series of very rapid upper-body spasms that would *seem*, to me, to resemble 5-6 hiccups in the course of 2-3 seconds. He is eating normally, and shedding in one piece which I know is a sign of good health. His temperature on one side of his tank (40 G. breeder) is in the low 70s, and his warm side hovers around the low 80s. I feed him only store-bought mice (hoppers and sub-adults) and give him only Pur-filtered water. Aside from this one hopefully minor issue, he is and has been in perfect health. Can you tell me what the muscle contractions are and if they are a serious issue, what can be done about it? Thank you for your time. Ian E.

I am not a reptile expert, this is one of many sites that come up on a google search that might be of help.

J. Elliott

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