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Name: tim martinez
Status: other
Age: 40s
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 3/18/2004

What do ducks eat.....???? How about your typical mallard duck you see in these manmade lakes here in phoenix, there's also a a solid white family in the same group but don't know the species...Then what I'm told I have these mudhens all black and smaller version of the mallards...very friendly and come up to the porch in my backyard...I have know idea the species but would like to feed them sometime.I don't know what to feed them other than maybe going to a feed store and asking them...does this help a little bit???? thanks, for reading this.

White ducks are probably some sort of domestic, often Muscovy or relatives; mallards may be wild but may also be domesticated. Coots, or mudhens, are not really ducks at all. Naturalists recommend against feeding any WILD waterfowl; domestics it depends on where they are and their surroundings. Feeding often causes waterfowl to concentrate and pick up botulism or other diseases from each others droppings, large die-offs may then occur. IF it is okay to feed them they will eat corn or other grains as in wild bird seed.

J. Elliott

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