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Name: Kristen C.
Status: student
Age: 14
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 7/15/2004

I have two questions. One: The other night I changed my betta's fish bowl to one of a larger size. Although I had been noticing him fattening up a bit before hand, about an hour later he was completely swelled with air. When he struggled to swim to the bottom of the bowl he floated right back up. He also couldn't swim upright; he kept floating on his side. I then put him back in his original, smaller bowl and over night he deflated,and I found many bubbles around the rim. What was this strange behavior? The vet had no ideas do you? Two: My bettas never leave bubbles around the rim indicating that they are happy and healthy although they appear to be. What sort of things do you suggest I do to ensure that they are? I keep their diet mostly the same and their lighting is somewhat dim. Do these factors matter? What can I do to get them to make these bubbles?

I have three Bettas and taking in air bubbles is probably the response to changing water. Chlorine has a huge impact on fish so if you did not age the water this could explain very quickly the behavior. Temperature variations also have an effect on their behavior with the water temperatures being just a few degrees different. If you are certain that neither one of these explanations are applicable, then I do can not help

Steve Sample

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