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Name: Aric
Status: student
Age: 9-12
Location: NM
Country: N/A
Date: 5/2/2005

Hello. I was lately thinking about the reaction time of the brain to react to something seen and then resend the command for an action to be taken. I was wondering if thise speed can be sped up somehow. The speed at which it runs now is already phonominal but I was curious if the actual speed of the brains commands can be increased, say by eating certain minerals, or playing or reading certain things, etc.

One chemical that can speed up the reaction time is adreneline. As for other chemicals, I have not heard of anything on the market right now that can speed up reaction time. Possibly meds that increase alertness would allow the reaction time to be greater. Playing certain things or doing "brain excercises" can stimulate the brain. If you want your reaction time to increase, the best way is gain your focus and practice.

Grace Field

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