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Name: jodi
Status: student
Grade: K-3
Location: N/A
Country: N/A
Date: 6/4/2005

how do snakes reproduct?

Hi Jodi!

Snakes are kind of different animals arenĀ“t they? But concerning reproduction they are very similar to the other animals including the animal man, that are us!

So, there are 2 sexes, the female snake and the male snake.

Both sexes are needed for reproduction, and their bodies are a little different, so they have organs apropriate for females and for males in order for them to reproduce. Nature is very perfect, when it is the adequate time for reproduction there are an inside urgent call for the male to look for a female and also for the female to accept that call. Actually she has the same urgent call. Then as in other animal couples they get very close one to another, and they hug themselves very tightly so the male is able to drop his "seeds" (that are called sperm ) inside the female body. After that, the sperm inside the snake female gets in contact with her sexual organ, the oviduct, where there are a collection of eggs. At that place, when the sperm gets in contact with the eggs, and goes inside it, the baby snakes begin to be formed. After some time, the babies are ready to be born. Depending upon each species there are some that are born "alive" that is the little snake itself , and they are called viviparous .

Other species have their babies delivered inside eggs like the chicken do. They are called oviparous. The eggs must hatch for the little snakes to be born , that is to live. Both the viviparous and the oviparous snakes have an opening in the body called cloaca. It is through the cloaca that the female snakes expel both the eggs and the babies already alive.

OK! Jodi!

Glad you asked us, at NEWTON!

Mabel , a grandma teacher


Snakes reproduce just like most other familiar species. A male snake and a female snake mate and this produces babies. Snakes are very interesting because some snakes lay eggs while others give birth to live baby snakes.

Thanks for your question to Newton! Keep up the good science thinking!

Laura Hungerford, DVM. MPH, PhD
University of Maryland, Baltimore

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