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Name:  Randy
Status: other
Age: other
Location: IL
Country: N/A
Date: 6/26/2005

Hello. I live in a Lake Shore Drive high rise in downtown Chicago. For the third summer in a row, a mother duck (not sure of species) has appeared with very young ducklings on the 16th floor roof deck. The inclination of the building tenants, including me, is to provide her with water and bread. We all think we are doing the right thing but today the mother was acting peculiar and seemed agitated which is why I am writing you for advice. What should we do? Is there an agency to call to rescue the mother and her ducklings? Are marine foul protected by law?

The primary reasons that ducks nest in unusual places is 1) they themselves were hatched there or 2) humans have feed and provided for a successful nesting or 3) both. 1&2. The very best thing to do is nothing. Yes, ducks are protected by Federal Migratory Act and many Illinois State laws. Your local humane society may or may not assist you with this problem.

Steve Sample

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