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Name: Melissa
Status: other
Age: other
Location: IL
Country: N/A
Date: 8/26/2005

I know wolves and dogs can mate, but can the offspring of this interspecies union reproduce with a wolf, a dog, and/or another wolf-dog?

Wolves and dogs can interbreed, however, it is very rare they would do so without humans purposfully mating them. From wolf-dogs, as they are called, it is probable that they could also interbreed, the question would if they would choose to.

Grace Field

In an indication of just how closely related wolves and dogs are, most hybrid offspring are fertile and can mate in any of those ways. It is much more common for most hybrids to be sterile.

J. Elliott

You're thinking of the example of mules, right? Well, dogs and wolves offspring CAN have their own babies. So much for our definition of species, huh? The species concept has been one of the hardest things for scientists to define, because there are so many exceptions! Remember also that definitions are human ideas-nature doesn't always fall into place just because we say so! At any rate, genetic studies show that dogs and wolves share a very recent common ancestor. It may be that they aren't really separate species after all, but on the road to becoming separate species. We may be witnessing a speciation event in progress.


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