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Name: Z
Status: other
Age: other
Location: IL
Country: N/A
Date: 11/7/2005

Do rats sense cats and therefore do not come into homes? why do people believe that having a cat will keep rats from coming into their homes? is this fact true?

Rodents have a very keen sense of smell. Often if a dog or cat lives somewhere that area will have their scent, thus the rat would smell it and know there was danger. It will not keep rats from coming into your home, however, cats will kill the rats and the rats will smell the cats, therefore keeping rats away from a house.

Grace Fields

Rats are intelligent and like any wild animal have a variety of ways to make sure they are not killed by predators....cats are not very effective as predators for rats....cats are predators nore often for smaller rodents....mice, chipmonks, moles. Rats, mice and various other animals will come into homes regardless of the predators that might live there, including the most dangerous of all...the human. To any animal, there are risks and benifits. I suggest you make a list and think of it from the point of view of a rat, or mouse....


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