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hello, i am an artist and have always loved the construction of barn swallow nests. i want to reproduce these nests in a gallery. i need to know a list of ingredients so to speak. the gray material is clay? i know there are deposits near rivers and streams. is there a way to reproduce the saliva by using glue? any help or pointers would be appreciated. thank you

I can only say that I once read that barn swallows prefer to line their nests with white feathers. Indeed, this summer, when they built a nest outside my upstairs bedrooom under an eaves, the nest indeed was lined with white feathers. I am perplexed where they found these feathers, I haven't seen a white-feathered bird anywhere around here.

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Ric Rupnik

Barn swallow nests are made of mud pellets, straw or similar plant material, and lined with feathers. The choice of mud would be whatever is available. I can't answer questions about how you would duplicate the "glue."

J. Elliott

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