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Name: Robert
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I am looking for the life expectacy of angler fish. I realize there are deep water anglers and reef anglers, and pelagic anglers... Just a range would do.


As you probably know already, there are many different species of angler fish depending upon who you talk to. Some species are not related at all to others that are called this same common name, especially it seems the ones that are found in very deep water around deep ocean vents.

The next problem is after finding the species, then you need to ask if you are talking about captivity or in the wild longevity.

You probably do not give a hoot about any of this so I will give you age limit for two species of commonly called Angler Fishes in the Genus Lophius. Based upon scale data, they live about 10-14 years. Females tend to live longer than males based on some studies.

Steve Sample

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