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What disginguishes a fur as compared to a pelt?

In my understanding, there is very little that distinguishes the term pelt from fur. The pelt is an animal's untanned hide/skin - which may still have the fur attached. On the other hand, the fur emphasizes the hairy insulation outside the dermal skin layer. If anything, pelt is usually in reference to an animal that has been killed - while fur is generally in reference to those still living.

J. Perrino

When the "fur" is used refering to a coat, it is just shortened from saying "fur coat." "Fur" refers to the soft layer of hair, "pelt" refers to the skin (hide) and fur.

Grace Fields

In the fur trade a pelt may refer to the "undressed" or new skin with the fur on it, while fur is the dressed skin that can be used.

J. Elliott

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