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Name: Juliette
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Are grasshoppers helpful or harmful?

Juliette: You have posed a most difficult question. Grasshoppers have something of a bad reputation, because some do cause damage to crops and other plants, sometimes a great deal of damage. On the other hand, only a few of many species of grasshopper ever do such harm. Like all creatures on earth, grasshoppers have evolved to fit into their habitats and are an essential part of food chains.

This quote may be a bit hard to understand, but I think it sums up not just how we might look at grasshoppers but all the other small things that share our world. Maybe you can ask your parents, teachers, and fellow students what they think.

"And so, in answering the polite and honest question, "What is a grasshopper good for?" .... my answer is that a grasshopper isn't good for anything. Its presence is of no significance -- an ultimate zero. Its value is in being a grasshopper, nothing more. The grasshopper just is. And that is enough."

Jeffrey A. Lockwood
J. Elliott

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