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Name: Laura
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We found some black swallowtail butterfly caterpillars eating parsley in my friend's garden. I brought two of them home, put them in a butterfly pavilion and gave them lots of fresh parsley. Yesterday, they were moving around a lot. Today they have not moved. They are not forming a chrysalis; they are just staying still on a stick and on the top of the pavilion. They are horizontal and not vertical. Is this normal behavior? If not, what can I do differently with a new set of caterpillars?

Its possible that the caterpillars were getting ready to form their chrysalis. If so, they should have done so by now. Otherwise its hard to tell what might be happening, many things could cause them to stop eating and possibly die.

J. Elliott

It could be that the caterpillars are slowing down in preparation to form a chrysalis. Typically they will stop eating awhile before they become vertical and form a J.

Grace Fields

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