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Name: Donna
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We isolated 2 bats in one room , left the light on and one window open. We could hear them flying around for about 30 minutes. May I assume they flew out the window, or should I be checking the closet and other areas? Is it unusual for 2 bats to be together in the house?

It seems a bit unusual but not unheard of for 2 bats to get in at once. You should check carefully to find how they got in, you might have a few or a small colony nearby or even in your attic or other dark place. Its likely the 2 made it out the window but I would definitely search in any dark hiding place to be sure.

J. Elliott

Since bat typically roost in groups, it's not strange to find them together. Once the bats are out, check around the house for any spots where they could have possibly entered. Seal up those spots, as the bats are likely to return now that they found an entry point!

Grace Fields

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