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Name: Bruce
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A recent report by a local bat conservation group mentioned that installing large number of bat houses may help stall the spread of the white-nose syndrome. I think they were talking about bat houses as an alternative to the communal cave where this disease has been shown to spread. Considering bat behavior, is this idea of providing bat houses a logical or pragmatic means to deal with this disease?


This is a very logical and pragmatic means to deal with this disease by spreading the colonies to different locations so they can't infect one another.

The white-nose syndrome is a fungus that spreads within colonies.

Sincere regards,
Mike Stewart

The best source for any information of bats is Bat Conservation International.

I have not heard of using bat houses to combat white-nose syndrome. Bat houses are usually - at least here in Illinois - intended for summer roosts, not for hibernation.

J. Elliott

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